Vacation Innovation: Can a tech platform support discovering the world?

Holiday Swap Introduces Vacation Innovation!

Let’s face it: The vast majority of your budget when you go on a trip will be used for hotels or accommodations. Sure, technology has helped the industry in many ways, enabling hotel search engines and home-sharing platforms. But little has been done to address the fact that we want to spend more money on experiences, not just on a bed.

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That is, until now! Holiday Swap is a home-sharing platform launched by James Asquith. James knows all about travel – he is the world’s youngest person to visit every single country. The British national was so inspired by his experiences, he decided he wanted to empower others to get out of their comfort zones and see more of the world. But there was one problem.  People either didn’t have the funds to travel or they didn’t want to sacrifice their accommodation by staying at a cheap hostel.

This is how Holiday Swap was born. The platform allows you to rent out your home to someone else and get your own place at the location of your choice for just $1 per night.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been using the service to visit places and stay in homes they usually may not have been willing to pay for — or downright been able to afford.

“I wanted to inspire more people to see the world, but most of their expenses are given up on accommodations,” Asquith said. “Holiday Swap is a technology platform solving the dilemma facing many travelers.”

Despite the pandemic, Asquith hasn’t slowed down traveling.  In fact, he’s taken more than 140 flights and done more than 65 PCR Covid tests.  He hopes others are inspired to safely travel as more people around the world get vaccinated, and transmission rates of Covid-19 decline.

“People don’t want to spend so much money on hotels,” Asquith said.  “Now, they can spend less money on their bed, and more on unique experiences.”

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