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EPFL in Lausanne – what if you could escape reality?

EPFL is the most cosmopolitan of all European technical universities. It welcomes students, professors and collaborators of more than 120 nationalities. With both a Swiss and international vocation, EPFL focuses on three missions: education, research and innovation.

EPFL is one of the two Federal Institutes of Technology in Switzerland. With the status of a national school since 1969, the young engineering school has developed on many levels, to the point of becoming one of the most renowned science and technology institutions in Europe.

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Innovation: the courage to undertake

The campus offers services to transform scientific excellence into economic value creation, jobs and quality of life. Co-working spaces for new companies, coaching services, entrepreneurship training and innovation programmes stimulate links between laboratories and companies. In addition, the EPFL Innovation Park hosts technology-driven companies in an inspiring environment, with access to cutting-edge research, a large network of dynamic entrepreneurs and established companies.

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On the InTech news channel, EPFL will regularly share insights into research, education and innovation within the tech spaces. Our next EPFL article will be all about detecting fake. Stay tuned.

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EPFL is Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university. It receives students, professors and staff from over 120 nationalities.

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is an engineering college active in education and research. It covers disciplines ranging from the Basic Sciences to Engineering, Architecture and the Life Sciences. EPFL is a public institution founded in 1969, mainly funded by the Swiss Confederation. The figures below illustrate the extent of EPFL’s growth and its ranking on the international stage.