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The Start-up Show with QashQade and How to Automate the Private Equity Industry

The GlobalTechBox regularly shares episodes of the Start-up Show with the InTech community. This time all about the story of QashQade, the concept of Waterfall, the future of the private equity industry and how the CEO, Oliver Freigang, tackled the transition from a corporate job at UBS to entrepreneurship.

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Oliver Freigang spent most of his working life in the financial sector. He used to run a business at UBS which was later on sold to private equity. Nevertheless, Freigang always felt he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Through his own experience, Oliver witnessed what could be done to automate the processes in the private equity industry and decided to offer a solution. That is when the idea for QashQade was born. QashQade is a Fintech startup headquartered in Switzerland. The team behind QashQade has developed a software that automates Waterfall calculations, performs carried interest allocations, and allows their clients to simulate future scenarios on IR, MIR, and similar. These types of calculations are predominantly done in Excel, so QashQade has come up with a solution to automate them.

Find out more about the QashQade solution for the private equity industry, what it feels like to transition from a corporate position to entrepreneurship, and what the future holds for the private equity industry. Don’t miss this episode!

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