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The Start-up Show with Leva and their revolutionary solution to get instant fundraising

The GlobalTechBox regularly shares episodes of the Start-up Show with the InTech community. This time all about revolutionary fundraising solution

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It is super exciting to talk about fundraising from another perspective. GlobalTechBox had the pleasure of interviewing CEO and co-founder of Leva, Cosimo Donati, who walked them through a fundraising experience in Switzerland and their solution that makes the whole process way easier and more practical.

Cosimo also shared his impressions of the academic influence of ETH and St. Gallen to the ecosystem and what entrepreneurial mindset he values. Cosimo Donati graduated from the University of St. Gallen where he had an opportunity to launch his first venture.

Getting private equity

During his studies, his goal was to get access to private equity, so he began networking quite early. After graduation, Donati enrolled in two master’s programs. One in St. Gallen and the other, International Management, partly in Singapore. After seeing how inefficient this industry was, Cosimo decided to start his own venture called Leva. Now, Cosimo calls himself an entrepreneur, as he loves building things and solving problems.

About Leva

Leva is a platform that makes fundraising simple and efficient, providing easy access to private market products. Their vision is to make private markets more accessible. Leva has created multiple products that help them achieve this goal, including ‘instant fundraising’ for startups that are doing it for the first time and ‘investor pulling’ to help startups pull their investors in a compliant way. Needing their money flow to be absolutely compliant, Leva received a confirmation from FINMA allowing their business to run smoothly.

Find out more about the academic intersection of ETH and St. Gallen, how Leva will revolutionize the fundraising industry, and how people from the industry feel about using their products. Enjoy the episode!