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The Start-up Show with Denis Tudor and the Hyperloop

The GlobalTechBox regularly shares episodes of the Start-up Show with the InTech community. This time all about the story about the Hyperloop business and the solution of Swisspod.

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Denis Tudor is a young entrepreneur who is working on a huge project. Denis entered the Hyperloop business four years ago when he got himself involved with the Rloop team. That’s when Denis got an amazing opportunity to develop his first three capsules. Now, at the EPFL, they have created the fourth version. Currently, Denis is doing his PhD in Hyperloop, which allows him to dig more in terms of research, not just business. Swisspod is a BtoB company whose focus is manufacturing capsules that will be sold to operators without building the actual infrastructure. Swisspod has created a proposal for the infrastructure design to offer the operators, similar to the way countries present the plans for building motorways for cars. Swisspod’s main focus is to create an efficient, scalable mode of transportation. Website: In order to find out more about what valuable piece of advice Denis got from Elon Musk, the concept of Hyperloop, and whether the speed of light can be sustained by our bodies while travelling, don’t miss out on the episode!

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