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The Start-up Show mit “The Right Kind of Support for ICT with SICTIC”

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The Right Kind of Support for ICT with SICTIC

Switzerland’s live ecosystem means interest for venture capital is always present. With that in mind, we are happy to host Thomas Dübendorfer, president and founder of SICTIC, to discuss angel investing and how to differentiate it from venture capital. Thomas was also happy to share some advice on what it really means to invest in startups.

About Thomas

Thomas Dübendorfer is a software engineer with a great passion for startups. He spent seven years working in the Google offices in Zurich, after which he began investing in tech startups. Thomas later joined forces with other angel investors which further led to creating a seed-stage investor club called SICTIC.

SICTIC was established in 2014 as an association. The idea was a nonprofit platform with a goal to connect smart money investors with local tech startups. Today, they have scaled up to 300 members. In the number of investments and the number of members, SICTIC is the most active and largest angel club in Switzerland. Their focus is on technology startups. Website: