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The Secrets of CFOs of the Fastest-Growing Startups!

The Secrets of CFOs of the Fastest-Growing Startups! Learn directly from the most experienced!

Global Tech Box is hosting a new video series for startup CFOs.

CFOs are the strategists of any company

CFOs carry out many important tasks including planning, implementation, managing, forecasting, and running financial activities. As a CFO, you will have many hurdles to overcome when growing a startup. And, there is no better way than to learn directly from experienced people.

We joined up with Workday to create this video series from CFOs for CFOs. In this series, we sat down with 7 prominent CFOs of well-established startups to talk about experiences and overcoming challenges.

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The sessions will include in-depth discussions on the following topics:

Achieving growth is an important stage of a startup and is one of the biggest challenges. The CFO plays a major role during this phase. In this episode, we talk about strategies, challenges, and success stories.

The second challenge you face after the growth stage of a startup is scaling. We talked about how each CFO was working towards scaling their startups. You will get a distinct idea of what tools and strategies work when preparing a startup to scale.

Flexibility & Transparency
Transparency and flexibility are good features to have in a fast-growing startup. When done right, transparency helps employees to improve productivity and achieve goals. In this video, we discuss how to tackle transparency and flexibility to create a better working environment and build stronger relationships.

Compliance can be anything from following legal regulations to building trust between employees. It may even become one of your selling points by standing your startup apart from others providing similar products or services. Here you learn about compliance, challenges, tools, and other topics to be successful compliance.

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And meet some of the world-class CFOs like:

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