tech@parlament – Insights on our InTech Author Andri Silberschmidt

Did you catch Andri Silberschmidt’s first article for InTech last week?

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Did you know that Andri was the youngest voted for politician for the National Swiss Parliament in 2019? Only one year prior in 2018, he was voted to represent the FDP fraction within the City of Zurich’s parliament.

But not only politics are on his agenda. In 2017, he founded a catering chain with friends, of which he is Chairman of the Board of Directors. Are you looking for a healthy lunch? Check out Kaisin in Zurich, Bern or Basel for a fresh poké bowl.

His dedication to entrepreneurship and technology caught InTech’s eye early on, and we are very excited to host his format tech@parlament (“parlament” is written the Swiss-German way as his articles are all about Tech at the Swiss Parliament). We look forward to interesting learnings, insights and knowledge straight out of Bern, the Swiss capital.

Enjoy the read of his first article and let us know via the comment box what you would like to hear from tech@parlament.

tech@parlament: Gute Rahmenbedingungen für das Digitalland Schweiz

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