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Tech Supporting the Customer’s Claim Experience: How to do it!

We all consider the needs of our customers (or user for that matter) with the highest importance. When Spearhead customers use their product, they have just gone through an uncommon situation; they have often for the first time been involved in a car accident. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technologies and improved materials, accidents are usually not as bad as they used to be. Still, they are often unsettling, sometimes even traumatic.

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US-based research indicates that car accidents rank as number one of the most common cause of death for males and number two for females. Luckily, not all situations have such a devastating impact. Nevertheless, an accident, even if only with mild effects, can cause feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and loss.

Self-service versus personal contact

The question is, is a self-service claim process the right thing to offer, or is a personal touch better? It depends. Many people prefer to talk to a person, as they hope to get clarity on how they can resolve their situation and what the consequences, beyond the ones the just encountered are. The Spearhead advice and system support to insurers are to ensure that if personal contact is requested, it is there (without time constraints). The personal support is offered in an empathic and professional manner and foremost addresses the primary questions in the room. Which are: “what is going to happen next?”, “what are my options?”, and “how does it impact me?”.

Direct clarity of coverage, financial consequences, potential solutions and clear guidance are important. Spearhead’s advice and system support offer exactly this.

An increasing number of people are perfectly fine to file their loss notices online, but also here the same principles apply. The customer wants a simple, hassle-free way to provide the details of loss. Additionally, they expect the same clarity on coverage, financial implications, and a choice of options to feel in control as well as a clear and simple process forward.

Supporting data-driven First Notice of Loss questionnaires

There are many ways to support customers through the claims process. Spearhead supports by creating data-driven First Notice of Loss questionnaires. These are supported by AI and analytical models and enable instant clarity, provide options and concrete next steps. This offering enhances the customer experience, while at the same time drives effectiveness and efficiency on the insurers end. The efficiency gain can easily be reinvested in additional focus and care for the customer when it matters most. If done well, digitalization can serve both the need for a cost-efficient First Notice of Loss while at the same time address the customer’s need for clarity, transparency and feeling of control.

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Vehicle Telematics not only redefines the way drivers interact with their cars, it also redefines the way Insurers and Fleet Operators should interact with their customers, especially in the 'moment of truth'​, when an accident happens.

Spearheads Telematics solutions allow Automotive Insurances as well as Fleet, Leasing and Car Rental Companies to leave behind the limitations of today’s analog and inefficient First Notification of Loss and claims handling processes, and enable them to progress to a digital, automated and smart Claims and Vehicle Life-Cycle Management 4.0. While delivering to their customers innovative and best in class services that reflect the changes in customer behavior towards a more flexible, autonomous, self-service oriented and digital way to communicate and interact.

Spearhead is focusing on innovative, globally scaling Telematics solutions in combination with Smart Data and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Models.