Swiss blockchain startup launches curated marketplace for born-digital art

Based on blockchain technology, the marketplace breaks down the boundaries of the art world. It connects the needs of artists with those of art lovers and enables them to support artists directly.

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Provenance, authentication, accessibility, even transportation, as well as cultural exclusion and lack of funds or knowledge are issues that have kept the masses from collecting or art dealing. Elementum is the turnkey solution. It empowers artists and art enthusiasts to buy, trade and exhibit art online. This curated platform offers selected artworks by established and emerging artists; starting a collection for private use or as an investment is now safe and simple. Artists can create limited editions of digital works and all transactions are fully transparent for all parties due to the registry on the blockchain. Artists get the payment via e-payment provider from the buyers.

Blockchain technology simplifies the market

“​The recent decentralisation of the art market inspired us to use blockchain technology as the base for their platform.”​ says ​Tom Rieder, Co-Founder​. It makes transfers simple and secure. Artwork, limited-editions and all transactions are registered on the blockchain which proves provenance and ownership. For each limited-edition, a non-fungible token is created which represents the certificate of authenticity. By withdrawing their token into a private crypto wallet, users can resell their collection and turn it into an investment on the booming market for non-fungible tokens (e.g. OpenSea). Elementum uses ERC-721 smart contracts, based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

Curated born-digital artworks

The Curators make the difference. ​“They make the Elementum collection an outstanding assembly of artworks by discovering artists who are contributing to the platform.” s​ays ​Angela Nyffeler, the CEO of dloop Ltd​. Curators and artists together make it a unique experience for art enthusiasts and collectors. This makes investing in art easy – even for inexperienced collectors. Elementum currently offers exclusively born-digital art which reflects the diverse handling of digital media by the artists. It includes 3D animations, AI art, AR and VR, Algorithms in Art, Video, Glitch Art, Digital Painting and more.

The art of ubiquity

The is a progressive web app and database where high-resolution pieces of art are stored in a fast and secure cloud infrastructure ready anytime to browse, select and display. The first app the dloop Ltd. team created has been available on Swisscom TV as *NOOW* since 2019. Sven Schumacher, CTO​ talks about the near future of the app: “The next development steps the team is working on are a viewer app, enabling users to enjoy their purchased art on different Smart TV operating systems, and payment with cryptocurrencies. There is no easier way to bring artworks directly into living rooms, lobbies, and restaurants.” The web app was created in collaboration with award-winning agency Apps with Love AG.

Ready for the next investment round

With this big stride in the international market, dloop Ltd is now preparing for the next series of funding. They are currently developing use cases with hospitality businesses and to scale their platform internationally. is a brand by dloop Ltd. Elementum is the new player in the recently forged decentralised art market and the home of exceptional born-digital art. Elementum is the marketplace that connects artists and art lovers in a simple, secure and transparent way. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland.

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