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Startup with the University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) was founded as a business academy in 1898 – in the heyday of the St. Gallen embroidery industry and is nowadays a School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, International Affairs and Computer Science. The first lectures were held in 1899. The practice-oriented approach and integrative view have characterised the education offered since those early days.

HSG has been part of St.Gallen for more than one hundred years, originally as a “business academy” and today as a university. Students are given the opportunity to profit from an ideal mix of research and practical experience. In order to facilitate top achievements in teaching and research, all aspects fit perfectly. Each and every person who is part of the university is dedicated to the best quality.

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Public events

The university does not just convey its expertise to students but also puts it across in public events. Even if you do not study at the university you can join public lectures or your children can visit the campus.

  • The public lectures offer a whole range of topics – from traditional business topics to art and literature, to politics and psychology. The programme of lectures changes every six months.
  • The idea of our children’s university is to teach children about issues relevant to them in society in addition to what they learn at school. In independent lectures held by professors, HSG refers to day-to-day situations and examples drawn from the children’s environment.

Startup@HSG Startup-Lab

The University of St. Gallen issues a Spin-Off label under the supervision of the Center for Entrepreneurship. This label is meant to build and leverage the entrepreneurial community stemming from these breeding grounds. It awards entrepreneurship and innovation, credibility and trust, accountability and sustainability and is built on the knowledge transfer through this institution.

In light of the increasing number of students who want to work on their own innovative projects, the university wants to become the place where they share and develop ideas. Following the first development of the idea, Startup@HSGs further assist the students in bringing their ideas to the market. The entrepreneurial trend is expected to continue, and the University of St. Gallen is ready to capture it.

Startup with HSG

HSG as “The Voice of University” on InTech

On the InTech news channel, HSG will regularly share insights into research, education and innovation within the tech space. Our next HSG article will be all about monitoring the COVID-19 Crisis From Space. Stay tuned and get ready for a satellite view of our planet.

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Als «Handelsakademie» 1898 gegründet, zeichnet uns Praxisnähe, Internationalität und eine integrative Sicht in Studium, Weiterbildung und Forschung aus. Wir gehören zu den führenden Wirtschaftsuniversitäten in Europa und sind EQUIS- und AACSB-akkreditiert.

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