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Smile launches Drive Coach to reward safe drivers

Smile is the first Swiss insurer to launch “Drive Coach” for car insurance customers. The gamification-based service is designed to improve road safety and reward modified driving with cashback.

Customers with a motor vehicle policy can use the new Drive Coach to analyse their driving behaviour and get personalized driving tips. At the heart of Drive Coach is the Drive Score, which can be improved by modifying driving behaviour. Smile rewards a good Drive Score with a new reward system in the app. In this way, Smile is combining its car insurance offering with a UBI solution (usage-based insurance) that is unique in Switzerland.

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Mobile First

The Drive Coach is a new and unique option for customers who want it. It is fully integrated into the Smile app. Unlike other solutions, it does not require additional hardware in the car. The app uses telematics data from a mobile phone to calculate the Drive Score. The driver is also allocated the reward directly via the app. “With our innovative solution, our customers literally hold their safety in their own hands, all the time, wherever they are,” says Joséphine Chamoulaud, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce at Smile.

Gamification for more meaningful interaction

The new app service enables personalized interactions with the customer, thanks to machine learning-based communication from the coach. App users can set their own targets, and compare their driving behaviour with other Smile users in a fun way in order to optimize it. This new service enables Smile to continually develop its product and service offering and gear it even better to customers’ needs. The Drive Coach functions are available from 31 August.


Safety as a Service

With Drive Coach, Smile, which is known for fair premiums, unrivalled service and being 100% online, is reinforcing its position as a digital innovation leader in Switzerland. Last year, with its new subscription model with monthly cancellation periods and payment by credit card, Switzerland’s biggest direct insurer declared itself the “Netflix of insurance”. Drive Coach is a logical progression towards becoming a digital service champion in safety and prevention. “We want to help our customers make their everyday lives safer, in a simple way. Any time, any place,” explains Smile CEO Pierangelo Campopiano. Martin Tschopp, CCO Helvetia Switzerland adds: “Smile’s experiences of digitalizing the customer interface and in the area of mobility and the insights it has gained can, of course, be usefully applied to Helvetia.”

Drive Coach

Smile now rewards everyone who drives safely. Challenge yourself and your driving style. The safer you drive, the more bonus you can win back.

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