One ring to track them all! Can the gadget support us through the COVID pandemic?

Is the wrist wearable shrinking down to a finger ring?

The Oura’s ring is an advanced sleep tracking and circadian alignment wearable. The startup’s first goal was to improve sleep by tracking the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the body’s natural 24 hour clock that affects everything we do: when we should sleep, eat, rest and move. Studies have linked circadian alignment with better mood, and better cardio vascular and metabolic health.

The Oura ring was the first consumer-available wearable that offers guidance on how to improve the circadian alignment. The guidance is based on the user’s personal sleep, activity and physiological responses tracked over weeks and months. Oura identifies optimal bedtimes, identify and promote sleep improving habits and provide personalized activity guidance.

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“The Oura ring is the future of sleep tracking and guidance. It’s the first truly personal and actionable device for improving sleep and aligning with your circadian rhythm,” says Hannu Kinnunen, the Chief Scientistat Oura. “What makes this possible is our database of over a million individual nights. We can utilize machine-learning to uncover previously hidden trends and patterns to serve individual people and help them understand themselves better.” “We are all unique, with our own unique rhythms but society has a tendency to favor morning people. As a result many live and sleep out of sync with their natural circadian rhythm. We are changing that. This is the first time that we can start pointing out the best time to go to sleep, be active and recover. Not for averages, or ideals – but for you,” says Hannu Kinnunen.

Early detection of COVID symptoms

The heightened awareness to our wellbeing and the early detection of potential illnesses caused by the COVID pandemic, is accelerating the company’s strategic move towards covering additional health information. Oura is working with the NBA, medical staff, teachers and a hotel group to help safeguard public health. According to the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute the Oura ring can track COVID related symptoms such as fevers, coughing, breathing difficulties, fatigue and others three days in advance with over 90% accuracy.

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