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Milan sets the stage for the first digital fashion week

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana launches Milan Digital Fashion Week – Accenture and Microsoft together to build the innovative digital platform

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Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by ICE Agenzia, announces the first edition of Milan Digital Fashion Week. The official calendar will be continuously adjourned on the website and includes Spring Summer 2021 menswear and men’s and women’s wear pre-collections. Slated for July 14 to 17, 37 brands will participate.

A landmark antidote to uncertain, rapidly-evolving economic and cultural times, CNMI has transformed the “fashion show” universe into a virtual place where industry watchers and decision-makers may meet, be privy to the latest trends, as well as the most significant themes and pressing issues gripping the industry as we know it.

The fashion week line-up here: Milan Digital Fashion Week


Tier 1 companies to lead the project

CNMI commissioned two Tier 1 companies the project: leading global professional services company Accenture designed and developed the digital experience, building and implementing also the innovative technology platform; and Microsoft deployed its solutions and expertise to envisage and support the development of the digital hub. Working together, Accenture and Microsoft created the multimedia platform that will help provide relevant services for all Milan Fashion Week stakeholders – and take the sector into the future.

“For the first time in its history, CNMI is experimenting with a highly-innovative formula, through a live, digital platform that represents a new form of storytelling for the Italian fashion industry. We are very happy to have worked with two major companies such as Accenture and Microsoft to create this innovative digital platform” explains CNMI President Carlo Capasa. “Today we are presenting a revolutionary project that will open up Milan Fashion Week to a new audience of non-professionals: a demographic composed of younger generations who consume fashion via images and to whom CNMI has assumed the role as “fashion translator” with the aim of conveying the creativity and culture that emanates from the Italian fashion word.” 

This project by the Camera Nazionale della Moda is an important milestone in the journey to evolve and rethink the Fashion Week concept for the coming years. It leverages new technologies to bring together and optimize physical and digital interactions, simultaneously redefining the customer experience and brand positioning” assured Fabio Benasso, Chairman and CEO of Accenture Italia. “Fashion is a critical asset for Italy. It has what it takes to reinvent itself and reassert its world leadership even in the aftermath of Covid-19. The Digital Fashion Hub that opens its doors today – and which we helped build with Microsoft – is a step in this direction. It will be a key platform for enabling the continued excellence of Italy’s fashion system and for strengthening its competitiveness within a fluid business context.”

The changes of the previous months are posing important challenges for our Country, which can only be overcome if we rethink some key sectors of the national economy in a long-term sustainability perspective. To do this, no company can act alone: it is necessary to work as a team and develop ecosystem solutions. The new collaboration with Accenture and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion is part of the broader plan of investments and initiatives ‘Ambizione Italia #DigitalRestart’, through which Microsoft intends to accelerate digital transformation in Italy. The fashion world represents one of the country’s flagships and by making available our service platform and our network of skills we mean to support this strategic Industry in its recovery. Innovation can help give new momentum to the creativity of the fashion world in order to keep the Made-in-Italy flag flying high all over the world. Milan Digital Fashion Week represents an important project at an economic, social and cultural level and we are proud to be contributing with new technologies in the affirmation of a new innovative model of sharing and relating, that we hope can guide the evolution of the sector.”  Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italia declared.

An online four-day event

Milano Digital Fashion Week will unfold in four days of live events and will be available 24/7, covering different time zones, including the USA, thanks to international news organization The New York Times, an official streaming partner of Milano Fashion Week.

The line-up encompasses an effective calendar of structured live events in which each brand is assigned a one-hour time slot, and can choose, with complete creative freedom, how to tell the story of their latest collection.

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