Komed Health AG wins a major SaaS contract in the Southern part of Switzerland

Komed Health AG and Ente Osdpedialero Cantonale (EOC) have signed a contract to roll-out Komed Health platform in 7 public hospitals in Canton Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The contract foresees that all the 5’000 healthcare workers employed by those hospitals will be able to benefit from Komed Health’s secured communication and collaboration solution. The contract represents a significant win for Komed Health and will result in a substantial recurring revenue stream.

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The Komed Health platform is purpose-built for healthcare professionals. It provides secure and simple real-time communication. The Komed App can easily be downloaded from any App store and runs smoothly on any mobile device (iOS and Android) as well as on desktop computers. It secures, integrates and streamlines all communication in any healthcare organization. No large infrastructure investments are needed to enable healthcare workers to make use of secure state-of-the-art digital communication. The platform has the potential to gradually replace any other communication system currently in use in Healthcare – such as e.g. pagers, wired phones, legacy portable phones, faxes and unsecure WhatsApp with one single modern communication platform integrated with the care-flows.

What does make Komed truly unique is its scalable architecture which makes it easy to connect to numerous data sources of internal hospital systems. This allows pushing actionable patient data to the smartphone the moment they become available. No more missed results or consult requests. Instead, a healthcare professional gets actionable, accurate, real-time data at his / her fingertips. In this way, the value of the communication platform dramatically increases as it becomes the indispensable, mission-critical “work-tool” accelerating the clinical workflows and ultimately, benefiting the patient. Marc Bornträger, VP Engineering & Founder of Komed Health AG says: “We have spent 3500+ hours analyzing and understanding healthcare processes which we then modeled in our platform in order to be ready to scale across different systems. It is based on this competence that we have set our ambition to become – over time – the one and only purpose-built, mobile communication platform in Healthcare.”

Luiza Dobre, CEO & Founder of Komed Health AG says: “That the main public healthcare institution in one of Switzerland’s most affected regions by Covid-19 has decided to roll out the Komed Health platform to all its employees is strong evidence for the need of Komed’s value proposition and confirms its business model. It also proofs that Covid-19 really does push digitization in Healthcare. We see more and more that our underlying magic `right info, right user, right time’ is truly differencing us from any other potential competitor out there.”

Michele Marazza, Head IT Processes of Ente Ospedialero Cantonale says: “The Covid-19 crisis has clearly shown that an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but nevertheless secure digital communication and collaboration platform is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. During those difficult times, we tested the Komed Health platform and were impressed by the product as well as by the flexibility and responsiveness of the team of Komed Health. Our employees are also much more relaxed now as they can easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in the US.“

After testing the platform in one of EOC hospitals, 96% of the medical staff participants said they would not be happy if the Komed App is removed from EOC. 100% of the medical staff participants said they would recommend the Komed Health Platform to their colleagues as they think the app is easy to use and to share information.

One nurse said: “I love the Komed app. Since we use it, our communication improved, and we can coordinate tasks amongst ourselves much faster.” And one doctor added: “Finally, we have an easy-to-use tool that protects patient data. It’s a fast and secure system especially for exchanging images; being in the Pediatric clinic on multiple locations, this is important.”

Komed Health’s vision is to become the leading integrated communication platform for healthcare. Through its innovative combinations of product integrations, services and data analytics, Komed Health provides physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals with the applications they need to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, enabling them to make better-informed decisions faster, reducing hospital costs, while delivering a huge improvement in patient outcomes and ultimately, saving lives.

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