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Welcome to independent and carefully reviewed articles from tech insiders. Explore how tech companies are shaping the scene and hear the views of individual experts.

The idea of ​​creating a tech news platform arose from a collaboration between a tech company and Lee & Partners, their communication expert. We quickly realized that the sector needed its own platform and an easy way to communicate. The result is InTech, the communication and news channel of techs in Switzerland. The format “Insider Views” are shared by tech companies and individuals alike.

The platform addresses a wide range of readers, not only from the tech scene but also players from the financial industry or investors. InTech is published in English or German language.

InTech is proud to present its following First Movers.

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Individual, recurring authors

  • “Ahead of the Curve” by Samuel Berger and Céderic Bollag
  • “Back in the days – lessons for the future” by Roland Kümin (C-Level Advisor & Sales Coach)
  • “FinTech Jungle” by Ivan Büchi (Swisscom Innovation Banking & Health Insurance)
  • “Lee & Partners asks” by Katherine Lee (Communications Executive & Board Member)
  • “Recht-Neu-Denken” by Ioannis Martinis (Executive Board Member Swiss LegalTech Association)
  • “Rethinking Insurance” by Professor Dr. Alexander Braun (University of Sankt Gallen)
  • “Sam’s Insights” by Samuel Berger (Partner at Witena)
  • “The Start-up Show” by Cédric Bollag (Global Tech Box)

First Mover tech companies

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Zusammen mit erfolgreichen Tech-Unternehmen wurde der News Channel “InTech” lanciert. Aktuell gibt es keinen One-Stop-Shop, wo sich interessierte Leser über die Tech-Szene in der Schweiz informieren können. Dieser Gap wird von geschlossen.

Kommuniziert werden Beiträge von Meinungsmachern und Tech-Unternehmen via der neuen Newsplattform und auf Social Media via LinkedIn und Twitter.