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How the Next Tech Hotspot is Handling Gender Equality

On InTech we have shared “How to Shift the Gender Balance in Fintech” from Oliver Wyman, which didn’t especially shine a positive light on gender balance within fintech. Forbes has shared a report on how women are advancing within the tech sector in Armenia.

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Titled as one of the next tech hubs, Armenia is enjoying double-digit annual growth rates. In comparison to other tech hubs, 30 percent of the workers are women and herewith, leading the “Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality” coalition led by the UN Generation Equality Forum.

So how is Armenia tackling gender balance? Here is our take on some of the highlights:

  • Inspire the young: Girl empowerment programmes are offering grassroots training to teens.
  • Enable women already in the workspace and/or on maternity leave: Coding, programming, website and digital marketing classes are being offered to women across the country. Many of which are online classes so that the women can combine childcare with learning opportunities, even in remote areas.
  • Make tech accessible, support entrepreneurship: Startup working spaces are offered in remote areas, reducing travel time and building bridges between local tech talent and international businesses.
  • Celebrate success: The impact and power of women in tech is demonstrated by showcasing success.


Read the full article at Forbes: Armenia’s Women Tech Trailblazers Are Forging New Horizons


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