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Games don’t have manuals. Why are we still writing them? Digitise your user onboarding

The gaming industry has perfected user onboarding. Why do companies struggle so much with getting their employees adopting new enterprise applications? Can employee training for corporate software be as natural as learning a computer game?

Do you like reading manuals? Are you eagerly awaiting the next e-learning exercise? Ever enjoyed the experience of calling a support hotline? No? And yet, these are the typical tools enterprise learning applies when supporting the roll-out of new software. Those tools never really worked but employees found creative ways around them: Somebody in the team always knew, the main application you were working on had only one release per year, and many tasks were still delegated to specialists in the company so you did not need to bother.

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Enterprise learning is broken – SaaS makes it even worse

In the meantime, your company has introduced agile development speeding up the application release cycle to a monthly rhythm. The nice person in the HR department that was doing the administration of your Excel work time and expense reports has been replaced by a new HCM system where every employee must conduct all personnel-related tasks on their own. The new customer-centricity strategy has brought the introduction of a CRM system that must be fed on a daily basis to meet the personal objectives. And on top of that comes your firm’s new cloud strategy meaning: more apps, faster changes and less control as those changes are just released by the SaaS provider without any warning.

Smart learning by doing

So how can companies make sure employees are not left behind? Gravity has developed an answer inspired by the gaming industry and applied it to the enterprise world. It’s called GRAVITY. GRAVITY brings learning directly into the application – almost like post-it notes on your screen. The tips and tricks are always there but you only activate them if you need them. When an employee works with a newly rolled out software, they just start – the exact same principle as playing a tutorial in a game. And when you need help, you can activate GRAVITY. Depending on the nature of the problem, the tips can be simple information (“expenses for travel & entertainment in CHF require a “TE01” code to be entered”). Or they can be a video or screencast. Or a link to a Q&A on the intranet.

They can even be a workflow leading you step by step through an entire process, opening up the respective screens and scrolling you automatically to the right place – almost as if a colleague was standing behind you guiding you while you complete the task. Two things are important:

  1. Learning becomes smart as it is brought into the context of your work. You individually get what you need when you need it. Rather than being presented with generic information at a pre-defined event.
  2. The tips and tricks are not created by the software supplier or the IT department but from the process owner that knows your company and your work. That way, help becomes specific, relevant and comprehensive.

Secure your IT investment and save 90% of enterprise learning cost

One of Gravity’s clients managed the roll-out of a new wealth management application used by several thousand bank employees globally. Creating the new software was a considerable investment, and the business case depended on fast adoption. Apart from securing this investment by speeding up the roll-out process, GRAVITY also reduced direct training expenses, such as local roll-out training otherwise conducted by a central team. These savings alone surpassed the licensing cost several times.

Creating and maintaining manuals is clearly not the answer to supporting a more and more digitized workplace. It is time for smart learning approaches that make sure employees are not left behind. The business case of your IT investment depends on it.

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GRAVITY software is for companies that want to streamline digital adoption in the workplace. It’s the era of autonomous, efficient IT rollouts: no more expensive, in-person workshops and ignored instruction manuals. GRAVITY is your new, digital trainer. GRAVITY’s platform works in harmony with existing software and applications, using custom-designed callouts and icons to help users navigate enterprise software intuitively and learn as they go. Empower new and established employees alike to “train themselves,” work distraction-free, and maximize productivity - all while saving up to 90% on enterprise learning costs. Large businesses across the globe use GRAVITY’s learning platform on top of their enterprise software. In the process, GRAVITY innovated the first training overlay for online versions of Microsoft Office 365 applications.

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