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Clean air in real-time: Oxygen at Work launches new office analysis software

Oxygen at Work, Bepflanzungen SRF Kultur im Meret Oppenheimer Hochhaus am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019 in Basel. © Photo Dominik Plüss

The Zurich-based start-up Oxygen at Work is expanding its service offering in March 2021. With the OxygenX analysis software, customers will now also receive more transparency about their work environment independently of plants. The company continues to count on the promising analysis of air quality data.

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Oxygen at Work has specialised in the rental of smart plants, which are used to naturally and measurably improve offices’ indoor climate. An integral part of this service offer is the analysis software, which allows companies to monitor and actively optimise their work environment in real-time.

With OxygenX, the company launches the next generation of this software, which is offered worldwide in a subscription model and independently of the plant service. Based on air quality sensors, the web application analyses the room climate and provides live insights into health, well-being and occupancy in the office.

The importance of transparent working conditions has come into focus in many companies, especially due to recent events. “The design of safe and healthy workplaces received another boost from the COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Manuel Winter, CEO of Oxygen at Work. “However, it has been difficult to track and optimise it in a fact-based manner up to now.”

With OxygenX, Oxygen at Work provides the necessary infrastructure for this purpose. “The dashboard offers users comprehensive information about their work environment. This enables companies to create measurably healthy workplaces and react quickly through alerts if parameters are in a critical range,” says Winter.

Compared to the previous dashboard, the development features additional functions. “Users can now also analyse the use of their premises,” Winter emphasises. “Among others, this can be used as a basis for optimising space utilisation or for safely re-opening offices after lock-down. Furthermore, features such as periodic reports simplify the communication of work conditions with decision-makers, employees and external stakeholders.”

According to Manuel Winter, OxygenX is now also intended to appeal to less technology-savvy customers and users. “The use and implementation of OxygenX are very simple. Within a few minutes, the sensors can be installed in the offices and the users introduced to the web application. Intuitive colour codes give users an easy and quick overview. However, detailed reports can also be accessed for more in-depth analyses.”

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We at Oxygen at Work help organizations improve the air quality in office spaces with special plants. We base our work on the latest scientific discoveries and a machine learning algorithm. With the right amount of suitable plants, we raise the oxygen concentration, reduce carbon dioxide concentration and other volatile organic compounds, and ensure an optimal atmospheric humidity in the office spaces of our customers. This leads to to healthier and more productive employees, reduced sick leave, higher wellbeing and reduced carbon footprint.