Author - YUKKA Lab

Through our Augmented Language Intelligence, we combine state of the art NLP, Machine Learning & AI to provide experts with a systematic overview of the relevant sentiment trends in the news for their job role. They can see the topics that fuel those trend shifts and drill down to the relevant articles and at a glance see where the company and where the topic is mentioned. This way experts have the overview over all relevant trends without having to read a single article.

Our technology empowers experts to act on trigger events detected in the news and thereby to augment their performance. Making them not only more efficient but also adding new additional value to their processes and products. Our indicators for sentiment and mentions of companies, industries, regions and events serve as an additional pilar for better decision making in investment and risk management.

Our proprietary Augmented Language Intelligence combines cutting edge natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse over 500'000 articles per day from more then 100'000 global sources in near real-time. As a data agnostic analytics pipeline we can integrate any content set. For different use cases we feature different source panels that range from Pro Feeds, Licensed Print to Online Content. Our solutions empowers different experts such as asset managers, advisors, risk managers, market researchers and B2B sales managers to be on top of the latest news and always one step ahead of the curve!

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