Author - Spearhead

Vehicle Telematics not only redefines the way drivers interact with their cars, it also redefines the way Insurers and Fleet Operators should interact with their customers, especially in the 'moment of truth'​, when an accident happens.

Spearheads Telematics solutions allow Automotive Insurances as well as Fleet, Leasing and Car Rental Companies to leave behind the limitations of today’s analog and inefficient First Notification of Loss and claims handling processes, and enable them to progress to a digital, automated and smart Claims and Vehicle Life-Cycle Management 4.0. While delivering to their customers innovative and best in class services that reflect the changes in customer behavior towards a more flexible, autonomous, self-service oriented and digital way to communicate and interact.

Spearhead is focusing on innovative, globally scaling Telematics solutions in combination with Smart Data and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Models.