Author - Lyfegen

We are a digital ecosystem for the healthcare industry, built upon trust, to enable value-based healthcare.

Today, the way the majority of healthcare is delivered and paid for is unsustainable, for patients and industry stakeholders alike. The shift to value-based pricing & contracting is inevitable. That’s why we work to raise the standards and increase value in the healthcare industry. We from Lyfegen found a solution to break down existing barriers to sustainable healthcare.

Our platform allows trusted, automated and scalable healthcare pricing. The platform integrates to various data sources to retrieve patient outcomes for given cohorts and determine the price payable based on the conditions sets by the manufacturer and payers. Using smart contracts and distributed ledger technology, we enable patients, payers, providers and manufacturers to enter value-based pricing agreements with immutable outcome data, near real-time reimbursement notifications, minimal administrative burden and highest data security.

We envision a future where innovative treatments and quality healthcare are available to everyone. Where everything from healthcare systems, to data and delivery is sustainable and progressive.