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The positioning of a brand, a key player or services and products is an important part of every marketing mix. InTech, the news channel of the Swiss tech scene, is an exciting platform for positioning oneself as a tech entrepreneur in Switzerland. During the pilot phase, InTech is running attractive offers for positioning the elements that are important for you.

Would you like to publish on InTech readers are an attractive client group. The classic InTech reader is generally 30+ years old, interested in tech, holds an academic degree, and commands an above-average monthly income. In addition, the platform is supported by well-connected executive level and board management members of major Swiss companies.

Please send an email to or call us on +41 79 213 02 58.

Here a high-level overview of our regular publishing possibilities

  • Leaderboards CHF 3,500
  • Rectangle CHF 3,000 for 1st position, CHF 250 reduction per position level
  • Advertorial CHF 350 – CHF 1,250 depending on maturity / years in business level of the company
  • Insider view CHF 250 – CHF 750 depending on maturity / years in business level of the company

About the author

Editorial Office

Zusammen mit erfolgreichen Tech-Unternehmen wurde der News Channel “InTech” lanciert. Aktuell gibt es keinen One-Stop-Shop, wo sich interessierte Leser über die Tech-Szene in der Schweiz informieren können. Dieser Gap wird von geschlossen.

Kommuniziert werden Beiträge von Meinungsmachern und Tech-Unternehmen via der neuen Newsplattform und auf Social Media via LinkedIn und Twitter.

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